Young people represent an important part of our city's present and future. Yet close to 1 in 7 young adults are currently out of school and out of work. These young people are at high risk of becoming permanently disengaged from the labor market, threatening their ability to break out of the cycle of poverty. 

Every New Yorker has a stake in seeing these young people succeed. When our youth lack the skills that local industries need and are unable to support themselves, the cost is borne by all of us.

But a great opportunity is hidden within this civic crisis. In the coming decades, the combination of industry growth and an aging workforce will produce sizeable new openings in the labor market. Young adults with the skills to compete for these jobs will be well positioned to seize this opportunity, obtain employment, and contribute to their families and the larger economy—to become "tomorrow's workforce."  We cannot afford to waste their energy, talent, and potential.

The mission of the Campaign for Tomorrow's Workforce is to advance public policy, legislative, and programmatic solutions; transform existing policies; and urge for the increased investment needed to build and sustain a coordinated, high-quality, at-scale system of programs and services to prepare 'disconnected' young adults ages 16 to 24 to succeed in the future workforce.

The Community Service Society coordinates the CTW in partnership with Neighborhood Family Services Coalition and United Neighborhood Houses. Visit for more information. 

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